Trems and conditions is an international online trademark registrar. Over the course of 20 years, we have successfully registered thousands of trademarks for our clients worldwide. During this time, we have gained extensive experience in the field of intellectual property, which you can leverage for trademark registration in 150 countries around the world.


Welcome to Profitmark, your go-to for trademark registration. Offered by Profitmark inc., we'll be referred to as "We", "Registrar", or "Company" henceforth. Remember, "Profitmark" is our trademark.

Terms Acceptance:

Before engaging with our services, familiarize yourself with these terms. By interacting with our platform, whether it's registering, ordering, or paying, you're agreeing to these terms. We might modify these terms occasionally, so keep an eye on this page for updates.

Privacy Matters:

We value your privacy. Ensure the details you provide during registration are accurate, as they'll be used for official correspondences, including sending trademark certificates. We might share your details with trusted entities like patent attorneys when necessary. Note that your trademark details will be public in official registries.

Trademark Search:

Our complimentary trademark search tool helps you identify similar trademarks. It sources data from public databases, so we can't vouch for its complete accuracy. For a thorough search, consider our patent attorneys. They'll offer an in-depth report, but it's advisory in nature.

Trademark Registration Process:

Upon receiving your application, we'll dispatch it to the appropriate office within three working days. The registration journey might stretch up to 24 months, contingent on the country. Our charges encompass registration and service fees, barring specialized services.

Trademark Monitoring:

Leverage our monitoring service to get notified about resembling trademark filings. This service offers insights and advice but doesn't cover objection drafting.

Domain Name Registration:

Align with domain-specific rules when registering domain names. Your registration particulars might be open to the public in databases like WHOIS. This process is automated and spans between 5 minutes to 14 days.

Liability Clause:

Profitmark serves as a conduit between you and Patent Offices across 150+ countries. We ensure accurate application submissions, but registration success isn't guaranteed. Our liability caps at our service fee, and official charges aren't refundable. For concerns, email

General Terms:

Our offerings are under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Lithuania. Endeavor to settle disputes amicably first. If that fails, legal recourse is available under Lithuanian regulations. Engaging with Profitmark implies agreement with these terms. If not in agreement, please avoid our platform.